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This page is dedicated to my girlfriend Jennifer.

I met Jen when she came to watch one of her friends fight. Her friend is a new guy in my realm.

I fell in love with her the first time I saw her...quite a strange feeling! She has the prettiest green eyes that I have ever seen. Not to mention her perfect smile. One look at her and I am enthralled. She has a great personality(which is what I really like about her the most); she has her positives and negatives, and those together give her that great personality. And boy, let me tell you, does she have the gift of gab!!! :þ

Here at school we live in the same dormatory(how convenient). Only problem is that back at home we live about an hour away from each other. :(

She loves dolphins and the ocean. She actually swam with both 'domesticated' and wild dolphins before. Whenever she tells me a story about the ocean I am transfixed by it. You see, as with her, I too love the ocean...though, my ocean is in California, and hers is in the Bahamas.

Well, without further ado here are some pics of her...Of course nearly all of these pictures were hard to get since she almost never lets me take any pictures of her.(she's weird like that)...ENJOY!!!

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