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Sword Fighting Style Links

Noble House Kenjustu Electronic Dojo
Tells you very basic stuff about Kenjutsu
A list of links for different sword fighting styles and other info
Weapons definitions
This is a single section of a web has a few weapon definitions

Space Links

The Constellation Web Page
A guide to finding the constellations, along with storys of each
Stars and Constellations
Another guide to the constellations, as well as individual stars
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page
GREAT SITE! Has pictures from Hubble Space Telescope and other things...

Musical Links

Watch music videos on the net for free
Online radio stations...and there is a lot of them!
Good variety of music videos to view, movie reviews, etc...for free, and no sign-ups.

Fun Links

Death Clock
Tells you how long you have left to live...
Happy Puppy
Game reviews, codes, free giveaways, contests...
Mr. Showbiz
Celebrity's made fun, and made fun of...
Maxim Magazine
Great magazine...entertaining website.

Dagorhir and Medieval Related Sites

Wolfpack of the High Plains
ISU Combat Club's official website
Dagorhir's official web site

Misc. Links

Illinois State University: Illinois State University's official web site
Milner Library: Illinois States University's online library