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My family page...

My parents had four children: Daria, Brandi, Jason, and me(in that order).

My sister Brandi has a child named Joshua. He is also my godson. My brother has a daughter named Kolleen. Joshua is now 3 and Kolleen is 1 and a half. They are both very intellegent!



Christmas '98

I went to Taft High School in Chicago; graduated in 1996. I played football for three years, wrestled for one(actually, I broke my leg in my first match my junior year), was on the yearbook committee my senior year, in the Russian Club my sophmore year, and in the Stock Market Club for three years.

I was captain of both football and wrestling my senior year. In football I received the Coaches Award. In wrestling, I took second in Chicago's North Sectional, and ended up losing in the first round of the city championships.

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