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He was second angel only to Michael; always to sit at the left-hand side. He had fought many battles, but none would be more difficult than the one that lay before him--the battle to return to heaven.

He was kicked out of heaven centuries ago for not doing precisely to what was asked of him. But he gave pennance and eventually was given back his full angelic status.

The first time he got kicked out of heaven was because he didn't listen to what he was told. The second time was because he ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. Not the one that Adam and Eve ate from. No, no, no...this one was a much more sacred fruit. This fruit was a woman, and the tree was from satans garden.

He had been sent to earth several times as-of-late in order to announce to certain chosen women that they would bare children who were to do holy deeds for the Lord.

One of these women caught him by surprise. Her beauty was unmatched by any he had ever seen before. She had a smile that could out-shine the sun and eyes that would bring anyone to tears just from the shear beauty of them. Her facial features were so delicate and gentle, with not a sign of worry; her hands, so perfect, so soft, obvious that they had never seen work before; her hair, perfectly groomed every day and night, reaching her lower back, following the curves of her perfect body.

He knew that he wanted to be with this woman; he knew that he HAD to be with this woman! When he returned to heaven, the Lord was at the gates to great him. The Lord told him that if he wanted to return to heaven he must first rid the world of that woman.

Heeding the Lords words he returned to earth, to her side while she slept. He just stared at her as she lay there so peacefully. The rays of the moon being the only light in the room met her slowly awakening eyes to have her behold an angel before her. She looked deep within his eyes and gave a faint little smile. He knew that at that moment that he could not kill her. The only thing that he could do now was return to heaven and receive his sentence.

When he got to heaven's gates, the Lord was there before him and asked, "Did you do as I had asked?" And he softly spoke, "I am sorry my Lord, but I cannot take her life, for I am in love with her."

"You have dissobeyed me," the Lord said. "That woman that you have fallen in love with is truly a work of the devil! She is a temptress made from the grace of angels for the sole reason to enslave angels. You have been enslaved; you have put someone else before me. For this, you shall witness the death of her and walk the earth for eternity."

At that moment, the Lord sent the archangel Michael to rid the world of this evil temptress. And all the while, he had to witness it.

Now he walks the world amongst the humans, now he walks the world alone...

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