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Dagorhir...a Medieval/Fantasy
Reinactment Group.

Dagorhir is a national medieval/fantasy reinactment group. We build weapons
mainly out of PVC piping or fiberglass rods, covered with closed cell foam.
We make armor out of different materials depending on the type of armor. The
most common armor being used is chain mail. The most common material for
chail mail is galvinized electrical fencing wire.

The way that you die is that if you get hit in an arm you put it behind your
back(it's unusable). If you get hit in a leg you get down on your knees
(the leg is unusable). If you lose two limbs you are dead. If you get hit
in the torso you are dead. Head and groin are illegal targets.

There are several different types of battles that can be played, such as
Troll Battles, Assasins, Field Battles, Bridge Battles, Monarch, etc...

My 'realm' is the "Wolfpack of the High Plains." We are recognized as a
university club at Illinois State University. We have been for going on
four years now. And that is exactly how long I have been in Dagorhir.

Most people in Dagorhir have at least one persona. Mine is Sir Gabriel. Sir
is a title that I have because I am a knight. I am currently the only knight
in my realm. My name, Gabriel, is after the archangel in Christian religions.
I am a fallen story is on my character story page.

I don't have too many pictures of Dagorhir related events, but I am trying to
rectify that.

If you want to see the national web site, here is the address.